Center for Integrative Oncology

The Center for Integrative Oncology (CIO) strives to enhance cancer care by fostering global collaboration in integrative oncology. Our mission centers on exploring clinics and protocols, sharing innovative practices and research to improve patient outcomes. We are committed to a holistic approach in cancer treatment, emphasizing scientific rigor, ethical integrity, and patient well-being.

Navigating Integrative Care and Sharing Knowledge Since 2011

Our Mission

At the Center for Integrative Oncology, our mission is to advance the global understanding and promotion of integrative oncology, with a specific emphasis on less toxic and natural approaches to healing. We are committed to exploring innovative, gentle, and holistic methods of cancer care, identifying and sharing best practices, and fostering collaborations among thought leaders worldwide.

Through our research, clinic visits, and advocacy, we aim to enhance the quality of cancer care and improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

Our Goal

To fund investigations of new treatments for cancer and to support a more broad paradigm of oncologic care that includes treating cancer from many different medical approaches. These investigations will include site visits of cancer doctors, clinics and Hospitals.

To provide educational materials for cancer patients and health care professionals on innovative conventional and alternative cancer treatments. These science-based materials and programs are intended to support patient and physician in the treatment decision process.

To fund research into select topics of exceptional promise in the field of complementary and alternative medicine for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Our Story

In 2011, a compassionate and dedicated individual named Anne Beattie founded the Center for Integrative Oncology as a beacon of hope for people facing cancer who were grappling with financial difficulties. Anne’s vision was to provide these individuals with access to vital information and support related to integrative oncology, a mission that would touch countless lives.

Anne Beattie was not only a passionate advocate for integrative oncology but also a deeply connected and caring soul. She extended her healing touch through practices like Reiki and shared her wisdom through meditation guides designed specifically for those battling cancer. Anne was a loving mother of three children, and her legacy continues to inspire.

Tragically, Anne Beattie’s journey with cancer came to an end in 2015, but her legacy lives on through the Center for Integrative Oncology. Today, we honor her memory by carrying forward her mission to explore, promote, and advocate for less toxic and natural approaches to healing within the realm of integrative oncology.

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