A Legacy of Compassion and Healing

Today, we pause to remember and honor the remarkable Anne Beattie, the visionary founder of the Center for Integrative Oncology (IntOnc). Anne’s life was a testament to compassion, dedication, and a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. As we mark the anniversary of her passing on December 14, 2015, we reflect on the indelible legacy she left behind.

In 2011, Anne Beattie embarked on a mission of compassion and hope. She founded the Center for Integrative Oncology as a beacon of light for individuals facing cancer, especially those grappling with financial difficulties. Anne envisioned a world where everyone, regardless of their financial situation, could access vital information and support related to integrative oncology.

A Caring Soul and Advocate

Anne Beattie was not just a passionate advocate for integrative oncology; she was a deeply connected and caring soul. She believed in the power of holistic healing and extended her healing touch through practices like Reiki. Anne also shared her wisdom and guidance through meditation guides specifically designed to help those battling cancer find solace and strength.

Beyond her work in integrative oncology, Anne was a loving mother of three children. Her dedication to her family mirrored her commitment to the larger community she served. Anne’s legacy continues to inspire her children and all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Carrying Anne’s Mission Forward

Tragically, Anne Beattie’s own journey with cancer came to an end on December 14, 2015. However, her legacy lives on through the Center for Integrative Oncology. We remember Anne not only for her contagious laughter and warm, loving smile but also for her boundless compassion, unwavering dedication, indomitable determination, and generosity of spirit.

We remember Anne Beattie not with sadness, but with gratitude for the profound impact she had on the world of integrative oncology and the countless lives she touched. Her legacy continues to guide us as we carry forward her mission to explore, promote, and advocate for less toxic and natural approaches to healing within the realm of integrative oncology.

Anne’s spirit lives on in the work we do, the support we provide, and the hope we offer to those facing the challenges of cancer. We honor her memory today and every day by striving to make the world a better place, one filled with compassion, healing, and love.


Anne Beattie
April 6, 1950 – December 14, 2015